Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Climb!

Something strange happened to me Tuesday, I went outside.....
I'm sure you all are saying and?  Let me explain.  I am a gym rat as many of you know but, I have that burger issue thing going on, so the gym and I need to reevaluate our relationship.  Wait, it's not the gym's fault I'm stuck inside, it's mine!  I decided that whatever I've been doing for the last 14years is not working and I need to do something different.  Funny thing though the older you get the harder it is to do anything new!!!

I stepped outside and almost ran back in! I pushed myself down the driveway and Oh My God, some man was outside running!  I was like well let me get in on that action, I run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and I go to the Gym all the time!  I decided that I was going to do what he was doing and I took off.  I was looking good for about a minute and then about 4 houses down the block (notice I said down, I was running down the block) I thought I was about to die, I looked like this:

Reality check for me, outside working out is not the same as inside!  Rather then going back inside I decided to do walk/run intervals.  25 minutes later I made it back home and it was one of the best aerobic days ever!

Keep working out, it works if you work it out!

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QueenBee said...

At least you did try it. I hadn't even done that. I told myself that I was going to start out walking a mile a day outside. I got to the 2nd day and realized that I love my AC more.


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