Monday, April 1, 2013

I lost my Aunt!

I have lost my Aunt!  She left me about 4 months ago and I don't think she will ever come back!  Now I feel empty, alone, lost and I actually cry all the time without her in my life.  I thought I hated her but, now I miss her all the time! I realize after all these years I liked her she was my friend, my Aunt and I could count on her; she was honest.  A few times in my life I cursed her when she didn't show up but, eventually she would come she always did and now she just doesn't. ,

Yes, I am, I'm talking about Menopause!!! WTHeck!  I thought I had more time, geez I'm not even 50 yet!  It's a very weird experience it feels like she's lurking but, she is gone.  Now I spend time researching how to survive after Aunt Flo begins to leave forever!

 RIP Flo
Gone but never forgotten
5/25/1977 - 1/28/2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fitness Post: The Maria Factor

I run, (well I’m not a runner, runner) however, I run 24/7 with my kid’s and my husband!  I run to school, I run to dance, I run to baseball, I run to work, I run to the doctors, I run to buy groceries, I run to save something or someone, I run…  
Now, I believe that the stress monster has infiltrated my soul and graced its ugly presence all over my body; it's trying hard to put me down!  So, since stress and I are at war, I find a small window to crawl through in the morning; I secretly escape to the gym!  It’s were I find a tiny bit of Zen!  
However, this year has been tough already, the weight I normally lose is not falling off and I believe I'm starting to go through the dreaded lady change!  I workout and eat clean but, the scale and the mirror will not budge.  So just when I feel like giving up for one reason or another I check on my friend Maria for fitness inspiration!  I have several friends between NJ, NY, LA, FL and GA who work out and enjoy it as much as I do!  Some are a little younger and some are a little older and they inspire me to continue my quest for a better body by 50!

This blog is about a young lady I have known for a long time and I enjoy her dedication to personal fitness!  She inspires me to continue on my strength building and weight loss journey and to not give up on myself ever….  

Ladies and Gentlemen I present:

The Maria Factor!   
Age: 38
  • Children: 1 (18yrs old)
  • Work Out: 6 days (3 days on 1 day off)
  • Aerobics: Yes, it is built into my program. It’s not always typical (strength then cardio aka run, bike, swim) it is usually built into the strength portion. “aerobic” is more interval with less steady state.
  • Favorite Exorcise: Olympic lifting (clean & jerk, snatches) Basically anything that includes a 45#barbell. I prefer strength movements over running anytime!
  •  Favorite Routine: My current program is Crossfit. Crossfit doesn’t typically subscribe to “routines” as a matter of fact, they term routines as the enemy. Crossfit workouts are constantly varied typically with no periodization. You don’t typically see the same thing more than once a week!
  • Favorite Dessert: Bread Pudding!!!
  • One thing you don’t like about your body:  Hahaha, typical for most women I struggle with my waistline. I carry most of my fat there. Constantly struggling with eating the right foods to whittle the love handles away. There is a balance with having a six pack and eating the right foods.
  • What are your fitness Goals: Right now, I’m hoping to make it to the Crossfit Regional games. I need to get through the Crossfit opens for that. I’m currently working on my Olympic lift technique and strength as well as gymnastics (muscle ups and handstand push ups).  All my training is based more on sport style training (Crossfit) not necessarily to be fit with a six pack. That is just an added benefit! I don’t do bicep curls and lateral raises. Those muscle groups are built into my bigger lifts. For example, pull ups/chin ups benefit my biceps and presses for lateral raises. To learn more about my style of training, you can visit:
Thank you Ms. Maria for sharing your joy of fitness and you look absolutely amazing!

 For more information about Crossfit training click here!


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