Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Burger People!

Today I had an epiphany!  I realized that I am one of  The Burger People!  Let me explain...
Many eons ago when hubby and I trained in the gym (6 days a week, 6 meals a day) we used to laugh at those people that seemingly worked out hardcore all the time but, looked like they religiously hung out at Burger King!  Year after year you'd see them sweating it out in the gym however, their bodies looked  the same, chubby, chunky and fat! Of course we thought we were the upper echelon, an elitist group of well trained bodybuilders, we even glistened when we walked!  Oh how we turned our noses down on those unfortunates, eventually we categorized them into a group and fondly called them, "The Burger People!"

Sadly and with much regret I realized that over the past 14years, I have become one 
of them,
"The Burger People!"
(Karma is a very nasty bitch horrible friend)
  • I can do any diet you give me and lose weight, but without fail it comes back!
  • I can train hardcore, even banged out that p90x, I was killing it this year with Tony, nothing!
  • The scale goes up and down so much I broke it!

And just when I thought I was alone, with only hubby to talk to about my problems, (I'm sure he is tired on my rants) I read this blog post today by my good friend, Lorraine @ Run Wifey Run !
It was right on time! She is sharing with all of us her journey to lose 22 pounds in 3 months, while she prepares for her Reggae Half Marathon in Jamaica!  Now I don't have the gut's to show you how much I weigh but, it's safe to say it's not a healthy number:(

I have decided that I'm giving up on the word Diet, I'm not on a Diet anymore, now I'm on a Climb!  
Yes a climb, to get away from all the crap that's chasing me, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.,

I love Dr. Oz but, I'm getting to a point where I almost can't watch him because, when he starts talking about things you should look out for, like if you have heart burn it could be this.... or if your neck aches it could be that...  I freak out and turn him off and yes I'm paranoid and that's not healthy.  I'm tired of working out and looking like The Burger People!  I need to see results!!!

I'm going to start posting my Climb, a weekly virtual journal of sorts with other friends around the country who are just as passionate as I am about working out and eating clean!  Hopefully my workout friends will share their workout secrets and pictures with me:)

Check out my workout today click on The Workout


Wifey said...

The Burger People is classic! You can do this, Wanda! So excited for you.

Hugs & Smiles,

Ms. Wanda said...

Aww Thanks Wifey:)

Unknown Mami said...

Oh no, I had heartburn last night. Am I dying?

Ms. Wanda said...

LOL!!! Unknown Mami:) I'm sure it's just heartburn;)

GunDiva said...

Thank you! It's nice to know I'm not alone out there. I'm a burger people and I don't really like it. Time to hit the gym again (which I hate), but I'm tired of bouncing back and forth ten pounds, which just happens to be at least twenty pounds overweight.

I'm blaming it on age. It was so much easier to lose weight and keep it off in my thirties.


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