Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick is as Sick does...

Yesterday, seemed easier then today right? 
I do not like getting sick and for lack of a better word, it sucks!  The problem now is as I get older I seem to be getting weird ailments I have never had before, think it's in the air?

What's worse is because of the web we can now self diagnose ourselves!  Problem with that is the answers will cause you to have a frigin heart attack!  I was so sick over the past 48 hours and it all started with this strobe light fan thing going around in the corner of my eye, it looked a lot like this (see following picture)
Now when I looked that up, my Internet Doctor said, "Seek immediate attention! You better go to hospital right now, you could be suffering from one of the following!"
  • Aneurysm
  • High Blood Pressure which may cause a Stroke
  • And a whole Heap Load of other stuff
The blinding strobe light went out of my eye, into my head, into my stomach and then other places you don't really want to know. It felt like a baby Alien (from Aliens) incubated into my eye socket and was abbout to cut through my belly!  All I'm saying is WTH why? 

What are we catching out there in the air and if we combined it with our toxic food are we striking a match in our bodies we can't explain?   See pic below that was me 48 hours ago:(

What happened to a simple cold or flu, with basic symptoms you could treat with soup and rest?  I'm exhausted.....however, I am grateful to still be alive and back up on my feet!

Love ya'll

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Wifey said...

Yikes! LOL! You are too funny. I'm sick, too. Hope you're feeling better. And, stop looking stuff up on the internet!

Winks & Smiles,


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