Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Windows Writer!

Wow, I know I’m old but gosh!  I have had Windows 7 for awhile now and never really understood what this operating system is capable of, Dah Ms. Wanda!  Windows Writer is a dream come true! 
Sooo, anywho down here in Georgia summer is over and my kids are back in school Halleluyur!!!  It’s funny how fast time passes by, I was just talking Public vs Private and that was 2 years ago!  Here I am now all my eggs on one public school bus going to Middle School! IMG-20110815-00264
Twins in 6th and oldest in 8th grade!  So, far I have loved public school it’s an amazing experience!  I found out after having to move that all public schools are not equal!  Are unexpected flight resulted in an amazing reward for my children! 
I had some self awareness recently (you can really think when your home alone) and I started a whole knew blog to promote my book/project 7Sessions!  This blog allows me to speak about more mature adult matters and I love it already! Give’s me a place where I can just say what I want without ridicule, at least for now:)  Nobody is reading it, hahaha!
Now all I need to do is publish 7sessions and create a bloggy buzz!
I have however decided not to connect these two blogs because this is my sweet family, wife, mom, connection blog and 7sessions is about adult matters and my music industry story! I mentioned it in a small paragraph years ago in the post The Body Guard I Married
Windows Writer allows me to do all my blogging and writing and posting from one place.  Also, Windows 7 allows us to share all of our computers at home!  I love computer discovery it’s my new drug!!!!

Ms. Wanda


Anonymous said...

Okay…this hysterical!
Literally…“all my eggs on one public school bus”
You have made me smile on this not so fun work day!

Teri H.

Eva Gallant said...

I smiled, also!

MOMSWEB said...

Welcome to public middle school!
Hurry and air that new blog!


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