Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Public, Private, Charter, OH MY!

School is back in session, Thank God!!! Summer is over and the Yellow Buses are on the move.
This year hubby and I put our children back into public school. We tried a charter (won't mention who) for two years and it was a hot mess! Fortunately my children did very well and we managed to wallow through all the sludge of our Charter School!

I have learned over the years that there is a definite distinction between Public, Private, Charter and of course Home Schooling. However, having tried them all except for home schooling (much praise to you moms that can do it) Public is the way we are going! I'm so loving the benefits that my tax dollar pays for and there is absolutely nothing like public school funding! Even with cut backs your child still benefits from; buses, cafeteria, media center, computers, labs, gymnasium, Bachelor teachers (some with Masters, some with Doctorates) auditorium, smart boards, etc.,
I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am for all this good ole' public stuff! One of my first public privileges, to tryout the yellow school bus, the kid's love it and so do I:)

With that said, the harsh reality for me is when Jordeyn, my 6th grader, told me yesterday that I can not go to the bus stop with him in the morning or wait for him at the bus stop when he gets home.
This morning true to his word he hugged and kissed me then told me, "I love you mommy, bye" and he was out the door!
What are your thoughts? Public, Private, Charter or Home School? Child telling you don't walk or wait? :)


A. Spence said...

So sad. I remember when my daughter went to Kindergarten and told me to leave!!! Yes, school started at 8:30 and yes i was there at 9:00 still..but geez!!!

My son is much more clingy...He'll want me to stay this year..lol

Janet said...

I taught in public schools for years, and it truly depends on the school. The ones I taught in were not so great! Which is why I don't teach anymore. lol But there are some great ones out there.

QueenBee said...

I had my kids in a Christian school the first few years but it got to be so expensive and public seems to be better for us. I am with you..kudos for you parents who home school..when my children were in Christian school, there were too many unnecessary rules to me. Even though my daughter will be a junior this year and my son in the 8th, (THANK GOD), they actually prefer for me to take them than for them to ride the bus but since I have to be to work, they have to jump on that bus.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm a big supporter of the public school system. I know it's a bit of a mess, but I believe it can be fixed and be great!

I think it's just another step in the growing process to not want your mom taking you to school. It's bound to happen.

Execumama said...

I personally think that sometimes, private school settings create a classist separation that is imposed upon children. Not all private schools, of course, but the notion is more separatist that I'm comfortable with. I would really prefer to find a great charter school for my daughters, but the process can be complexed and red-tape infused around these parts. I'm working with a teacher who is working to start a charter school, and I hope for the best. Right now, my 5 year old is a kindergartener (gulp), and yesterday when we put her on the bus, I could picture her not-so-long-from-now, asking us not to walk her to the bus. Now that I read your post, I really have to prepare myself for that conversation (sigh!).

Eva Gallant said...

I was a teacher for 17 years before changing careers. I definitely support public schools. As a teacher myself, I could not imagine home schooling my children! I think they need the social experience and opportunities afforded by the public school, and I just would not feel qualified to home school. I'm well versed in English and Business (my college majors) but I could never teach them, science, math, history, art, music....I don't know how anyone could do better at home that their public school, unless they know the school in their community is really bad, and if that's the case, they should work to change it!

Just dropping by from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

Anonymous said...

Public is the best I think . . loved this . . .we all grew up in public schools and having taught school in the public system . . .I highly agree that the best teachers are here. Sometimes private school and private funding have rigid restrictions and obligations that hinder teachers which force agenda's on teachers and students that are questionable. In addition, It is nice to see kids and teachers exposed to diversity and challenge.....it makes better and more tolerable people of us all . . .thanks for your insight . . .Nancy

Stephanie Faris said...

As tempting as it is to shelter your children in the perceived "safety" of private or home schooling I think nothing can prepare a child for life like the public school system. I've seen what private schooling can do to a person...I was married to someone who grew up in a private Christian school and he and all his friends just were not prepared. They also lacked the worldliness we got in public schools. They seemed like they'd spent 18 years in a cave and had no idea what the real world was like.

Yet said...

Well, I've gone to different Public schools all my life. Personally, I think it's great for older kids but from my own experiences, I think it's be better for younger kids to go to private school. The things I've heard and seen in public elementary school turn me off. Other than that, college "look Up" to students who go to private school. Often they get "first pick" for colleges. So, it's a toss and a question of rather or not the public school is of a good quality.

JennyMac said...

ahhh..this is a great question on our minds right now as our son is only 2 so we have at least some time to look more into this great debate.

MOMSWEB said...

I have only homeschooled my children, so I have nothing to compare it with, however, first born will be going to public high school in a couple of weeks, so I'll let you know next year. That pic of your baby walking is so precious and SAD. Auuuugh! I thought I was ready for this. sniff, sniff...

Ms. Wanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms. Wanda said...

I thought I was ready too! Thanks for the tears MW:)
I agree with Stephanie, nothing will prepare your child more for the real world like public school!
I've learned that no matter where they go you have got to be involved in your child's life from K to 12 and beyond. You have got to join the PTA, be an active member, Volunteer, be a Room Parent and make sure that the people in your child's school know you, even the Janitor:)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I teach in public schools and I will be honest, I have always said that when I have children, they will go to a private school if I can afford it.

Public schools are a hot mess because there are so much politics involved. It's more about money and babysitting than teaching. There are some good ones out there but I really think the main factor is parent involvement. There is a direct connection between successful students and parents who are on top of their game!

I taught at a charter school, it was a hot mess!!

Visiting for SITS! Great blog by the way.

Sandy Fights Fat and Blogs About Nothing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grand Pooba said...

I loved public school but my husband is gung ho for private school. We don't have kids yet so we don't really have to decide right now, but we've talked about it. He says the teachers are better and the child learns better. I'm just worried that our kids wouldn't be able to make friends in our neighborhood if they didn't go to the same school that everyone else did.

Sandy Fights Fat and Blogs About Nothing said...

Nice to have you back, Ms. Wanda. My 15yo was public and private schooled, we've been home schooling him now for the past seven years (our 11yo dd has never been to school)...they love it and we love it. It works for us. :-)

I know what I'm posting about tomorrow--home schooling misconceptions! LOL :-)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

My son is two years old and my husband and I have talked about this topic some. We both think that public school will give them opportunities that many private schools and homeschooling cannot provide, such as band, sports opportunities, variety of classes, etc.

Since we are military and move all the time, it will be our intent to move into good school districts so that we can be sure that our child is getting a good education.

God bless those that homeschool. I don't think I would be a good candidate at this time.

onemuse said...

I'm a big believer in public schools, being a product of one myself. It's a great way to place all kinds of children together and teach them how to deal with each other!

My oldest has always gone to public school (one great, one not so great); my baby is off to kindergarten in a couple of weeks--half sad, half happy about that!

Mocha Dad said...

My kids start school next week. My son, who starts kindergarten, is so excited. My daughter, who is going to third grade, is not so excited.

JenellyBean said...

Yay Public School!

(Im a Public School teacher)


Sandy Fights Fat and Blogs About Nothing said...

Ms. Wanda...I'm proud to display it!!! You don't have to thank me anyway, you've had mine up forever--even if you didn't, I'd still have yours. :-)

Love, Hugs and Kisses ~ Sandy

Joyce The Writer said...

Hi Wanda,
I loved your post. With a 3-year-old, I'm continuously having these discussions with parents and educators at all levels. I'm a product of two public elementary schools and a private high schools, so I'm open to all options. My daughter has so far been in two private institutions. We made a change this year because her new school offers a more robust curriculum, bi-weekly Spanish and computer lab visits where each child has a computer to work on.

The school also offers such activites at karate, dance, gymnastics and soccer for pre-schoolers before parents pick up their children before 5 p.m. Having these activities availble at the school is fantastic.

I think that there are public schools that are fantastic, but it depends on their parental involvement and their access to resources, which is sometimes where private schools excel. Parents just have to do their research and make the best decision for their child, based on their child's needs.

And thanks Ms. Wanda for your comment on my blog post about the 11-year-old interviewing President Obama. It was inspiring to me as well. I'm glad that you will be teaching your children financial budgets - it's wonderful to get them into that mindset early on. Kudos to you!

Lara said...

My 7 y/o is still in public school, but I homeschool my two teens using Florida Virtual School. They have individual teachers, work at their own pace (within certain guidelines) and don't have to put up with all of the - trying to think of a nice way to put this - baloney is good - that our public middle and high schools serve up.

The important thing is that you do what works for you and your family.

When my kids were at the public school and would fuss at me for saying, "I love you." to them when I dropped them off, I'd roll down all the windows and yell as loudly as I could, "YOU LOOK SO GROWN UP!! MY BAAAAAABY! I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!"

They stopped complaining.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

First, your children are beautiful; they look so happy :) Second, as a teacher in a public school, I have to say "Public," but really, that's all I know from my experience. My kids have gone through my school, too, and we have the same advantages you mentioned--we are very, very blessed, since I know some public schools are really hurting.

Ouch. That don't walk with me Mom has to hurt a little, huh? However, it means you have a healthy boy there :)

Dee said...

Wehave really moved our son around. We have done public, private and real private as in boarding school. You have felt nothing like driving away from that boarding school in a foreign country and leaving your child there.

My son has had positive experiences at all. Yes he enjoyed boarding school and seemed as sad to leave as we were on that first day.

We felt each change was necessary at the time and now look forward to college next month.

Melissa B. said...

I'm in the next step of motherhood...taking my kids to college! In fact, I'm right in the middle of the roadtrip now, posting from somewhere in the middle of Ohio. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Night Owl Mama said...

Did you follow close behind in the car?? I would of. In this stage of the game and the times being what they are I'd make sure he had others to walk with or he'd have me if I couldn't see the stop from my window

WE do Public and we've done buses

could never have the patience to home school that grade and could never afford Private.
My oldest got a wonderful education in PUblic school and he's graduating HONORs next Month from ITT TEch.

Stoppin by from the SITS to say HELLO

Kristin said...

I think I'll probably watch him where he can't see me. Ah ha

Ms. Wanda said...

Wow, I'm grateful for all the different perspectives about school! I think everyone is faced with making school choice and it isn't easy, all you can do as parent is make the best choice you can, try not to stress it and if it's not working fix it:)

Definitely be involved in your child's school no mater where they attend:)

Ms. Wanda

Flory said...

I am an advocate for public school, although I went the private school route up to kindergarten.

Stopping by from SITS. Love your blog - I'm following.

Stop by my blog and follow back. :)

Sandy Fights Fat and Blogs About Nothing said...

Hehe, well, I didn't write a post the day following yours about home schooling but I did today. It's not in-depth or insightful though, I wasn't in the mood. LOL Instead, I wrote a top ten list of annoying questions and statements home schoolers deal with...meant for those who really don't care to learn but judge one's decision to home school. It's on my blog about nothing. :-)

Hugs ~ Sandy

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