Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Wine Whisper!

Since I have been on a fitness kick I have decided to leave the wine alone:(  So as I was trying to buy my weekly groceries this past Friday this isle called my name......Ms. Wanda! 
The wine whisper said to me, (for some reason with a British accent):  "Ms. Wanda don't leave us here on these dirty dusty shelves!
I have lot's of family to choose from, you can happily receive my cousin Merlot or my nephew Pinot Grigio, or my wonderful daughter Chardonnay!  I assure you the wonderful thing with any of them is you will only want one glass!" (the whisper was right these are not my fav's)
However, the wine said darkly, "Do not even look at my evil wife Cabernet (I love her) you know she will do you in, just like she did last week at that party you attended!  Once you look deep into her label, read her full body story, she will suck you in and you will not return to normalcy until Sunday or maybe even Monday?"

Well sigh, I almost made it out of the store but, my vibrating phone carried an alarming text message from my hubby asking me to pick him up some Honey Brown beer! Noooo, the isle again I would never make it out this time I was doomed!
(see photo on right)

The wine whisper's wife did not call me, it was a secret distant relative: ESPUELA DEL GAUCHO and ooh, what a lovely man; he was just look at the writing on his label:

A keeper of the grasslands, defender of the defenseless, the most passionate of lovers, and charming combatant, the South American Gaucho is a man of heavy manners and tall reputation. He rides by saddle and spur, protector of the fruits of the land.

"He rides by saddle and spur!"  Who writes this stuff?  I love it and I'm still recuperating, it's Tuesday:)   LOL:)


Eva Gallant said...

Sounds lovely! I'd like to ride that Gaucho myself!

7sessions said...
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Ms. Wanda said...

O my Gosh Ms. Eva!!! LOL:)

Majid Ali said...
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Adoption of Jane said...

I am a sucker for a good Cabernet! I am still cracking up laughing at the British Accent!! There is a really cool place online called One Hope Wine. They have amazing gift baskets and a good portion of the proceeds go to the Charity of your choice. They also have the ribbon of the Charity. Here's the link if your interested: http://www.onehopewine.com/

Then again maybe I should be supporting your idea for no wine... but that would be the pot calling the kettle black! LOL!


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