Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Recap!

I am a Dance Mom, a Baseball Mom and a Science Mom!  I think to myself (why don't I have a reality show?)  Years, ago when I attended my first dance competition, I said WOW this would make an excellent reality show!  Then somehow someone must have reached into my head and stole my thoughts because, damn Dance Moms is huge!  Lot's of  things have happened since October 2011, in the world and in my life and I'm just thankful to still be here:)  So not to bore you all with my day to day I highlighted some wonderful moments......

Life is like a Breeze as it continues to pass us by,
Every Year we are allowed is a Lifetime of Memories!

New Car!
Pirate Wench
Baseball injury!
Twin Power 2012 Dance Factory Recital


8th grade Graduation
Twins moving on to 7th grade
Dance Factory Top Production "The Black Tide"

20 years ago on our 1st Date and this year we Celebrated 15 years of Marriage!

And now New Beginnings!

Life is Always One day at a Time....



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