Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forks over Knives: My review

My mother 4 months before she died holding my daughter

My mother died of Ovarian Cancer after she battled with it for 2 years. With in those two years we dealt with it head on!  We began submerging ourselves with every book on Cancer you could find.  We discovered a vast amount of information concerning the disease, unfortunately it was just to late for my mother to change her entire way of life. All of the key things to do for her body was 20 years to late.  Lately I've been thinking, are we all just silently waiting for our doctors to say us, "You have, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, etc?"  Until Sunday night, somewhere in the deep dark crevices of my brain this is exactly what I’m secretly dreading to hear about, my loves ones or myself! Forks over Knives has changed my life forever…..

My husband forced asked me to please watch this documentary called “Forks over Knives!” over a week ago.  He said he’d heard about it on the radio and was ready to give up all meat! Now, you know what I was thinking, “Oh my God let me go hide all my chicken and turkey!” I honestly did not want to watch any documentary that said I had to give up anything I loved!

We sat down Sunday night with the kids and watched this documentary; I believed it had a profound affect on all of us! My 11 year old said, “Mommy I’m going to eat this last piece of chocolate cake and then it’s all fruit tomorrow!” I’m sure this transition will take a minute, however I’m excited that they became so invested in the information they received.

I think what grabbed my attention the most was the fact that people turned their cancer, heart disease and diabetes completely around by simply and completely changing their diets. One gentlemen went from taking 9 pills a day to NONE! When my mother died she left a pharmacy of meds, drugs like, dilauded, roxecet (pill, liquid and patch), morphine, and a bunch more I can’t even spell!  We spent so much money on her meds and in the end she died. I could have made thousands on the meds she left behind!

What this documentary has shown me is that I don’t want to keep ingesting crap hormone enhanced products and turn around 20 years from now and some random Doctor stare at me with that blank disconnected inhuman doctor face and tell me, “Sorry ma’am you have stage 4 cancer and you need to cut out your sugar.” 

If I'm allowed 20 or 30 more years I want to see these little people grow up and have babies I can hold with out the assistance of a drug!

Me, Jordeyn and the twins 11 years ago and hoping for like 40 more!!!


Tono M said...

Hey Ms. W,

What a great story ! I'm sure your mom would be very proud to see you now, and I'm glad to see that she lived long enough to hold your little one.



Ms. Teri said...

Love it, Wanda. Such good advice.

Wifey said...

Husband's got it on Netflix! I'm ready to watch ...

Winks & Smiles,

QueenBee said...

I have to watch that.

Dee said...

I'm sooo sorry that you lost your mom. I lost my mother to cancer, too. I'm glad that I stumbled across your blog. I've never heard of Forks over Knives but now that I've read your blog, I just have to watch it. Maybe it'll be that extra push I need to stay on track.

MOMSWEB said...

We definitely aren't eating only for today, but for our tomorrow also.

Unknown Mami said...

I know this is true. I know what we eat matters a great deal and yet I act like it doesn't.

Plato Powers said...

The essence of the documentary is to convince you that eating meat and animal products is bad for you and that you should subsist on a plant-based diet. For a hardcore carnivore such as myself to have to listen to such drivel for ~90 minutes took a lot of strength because the film is a real mess. The big problem is that they mix together truths with lies


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