Thursday, August 25, 2011

Publix is Creepy!

I grew up in the NJ and NY area my whole life, it's safe to say that we are a bit direct, loud and we like our information spoken to us quickly.  We are really not that outwardly friendly but, we're good with you and will be your best friend if you can battle us in an index argument!
I got to tell you that Publix is a bit creepy, it's got a hint of Stepford Wife it's a bit unreal, and it frankly weird's me out!  stepford-wives-1

When I walk in there everybody is welcoming me and constantly saying hello, oi!  I feel like any minute their going to say on the loud speaker, "Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Ms. Wanda!"  Jeez Publix can I just shop alone! images
I only go in Publix when I need to use the bank. So, yesterday I had to get hamburger buns and I could not find them Ugh, I sighed, walked over to a guy that looked really busy stacking stuff.index   I figured he would just tell me the isle number but, noooooo, he stops what he is doing and walks with me to the isle!!!  I tried to ask him for the number but, he just kept talking and walking and telling me all about the other breads along the way, WTH!!!  Sorry to all my friends that love Publix, I just don't need all that help and friendliness, it's strange for my NJ senses. 
Imagine if I needed the feminine product isle, he probably would have said, "Oh let me show you the tampons and pads there on sale! Oh and guess what we also carry disposable douche, what do you need!:)"  
Then if that’s not enough they want to walk you out to your car!
Leave me alone Stepford Publix!!!
LOL  enjoy your day:)


Anonymous said...

Love this!!!! Funniest thing I've ever read!!!


Sandra Winn said...

LOL, Wanda. I love Publix because of their customer service and wish I could shop there all the time. Unfortunately, WalMart is usually the place I go...crappy service for cheap prices. Not all Walmart employees are bad, I try to stick with my fave cashiers and avoid those who I know suck or look like they have a bug up their ass (you want ME to wait on you? Please, I'm doing you a HUGE favor by ringing up your groceries). And, when it comes to finding something or trying things on, I get so peeved because half the time I have to go upfront and ask a cashier to page someone to go to the department they're responsible for.

On another note, you could use this as a positive for race relations...."Publix does not discriminate based on ethnicity...they equally annoy everyone with their helpful and kind treatment." :-)

Dixie Mom said...

I'm a west coast girl and we don't have those out here. But I have been in the south and seen those stores. I have to admit I'm a little creeped out myself.
But not just because of what's inside.
I can't help but think...Pubix...every single time I glance over at the sign. Creepy. And I love that quote from Sandra's comment...funny.

QueenBee said...

I get that too when I go in there. I asked where something was and not only the person walked me to where it was, he actually waited to see if I was going to buy it. I had to tell him that I got it from here. He then said it was a pleaure serving me. In my mind, I was like serving me meant licking my toes until they curled up in a knot.

MOMSWEB said...

Publix is definitely known for their cleanliness and customer service. I'm sure they would appreciate your blog post - really, you did them a favor!


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