Thursday, April 29, 2010

She touched Prince!

Mama's Losin' It
WRITER'S WORKSHOP:   1.  Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.
My experience’s with celebrities are pretty boring compared to my sister who had an encounter once with Prince that I am compelled to share!

It was 1988 during Prince's Lovesexy years and he was in town with Sheila E and Cat.  You remember Cat she was the dancer running around on stage with Prince.  I saw this concert and she was with him every exhausting dance step of the way (I wanted to be her).  Anyhow, my sister was at New York's famous night club Nell’s one night and she bumps into Prince, she uncontrollably grabbed his buttocks because his yellow cheeks where hanging outside of his leathery black chaps:)   She smiled at him with glee, Prince looked her up and down raised his manicured eyebrow, then smiled back with approval and kept moving through the club with Sheila and Cat.  I said to her, "You know your lucky he didn't have your Appolonia looking but thrown out of Nell's!"  She said, “It would have been well worth it because his bottom was deliciously cold and buttery smooth:)


givingherallshesgot said...

HA! Wow, gutsy! Thanks for stopping by!

KLZ said...

Over from Mama Kat's and that is one ballsy sister you've got. Damn!

Poppy said...

I was mesmerized by Prince and Purple Rain perfection would have been his buttery (love that so I'm stealing it) buttocks skinnydipping into the waters of the lake that was not Minnetonka. What a lucky sis you have!

Eva Gallant said...

Well, lets see. I shook hands with Paul, the guy with the gray hair and glasses from Extreme Home Makeover once--does that count?

Unknown Mami said...

OMG!!!I can't believe she grabbed his butt. He looked into my eyes for four seconds once. I counted.

Lourie said...

I have met a few celeb, but never once did I think to grab a behind! Man! I want to go back in time and grab me some tushie!

Ms. Wanda said...

I am LOL'd this morning at every single comment!!! My sister left me a comment about that experience I'm gonna share it with all of you:)

Anonymous said...

Comment from my Sister:

"Yes i confess I grabbed Prince's butt! But he shouldn't have been wearing cut out butt pants!! "

Anonymous said...

From My Sister again:

What!! That was the time to remember! But you forgot. He told his security. I suspected he was going to have me thrown out. So Jim
grabbed me in shock while running through a side door to escape. Not
sure if Prince liked it??I loved it!!

PS. Jim wanted to kill me and
reminded me not to touch!!!

QueenBee said...

I would have been crying purple rain.

Anonymous said...

Only your sister could have gotten by with that and lived to tell the tale (or would that be “tail”?)!!



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