Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Sister and Dwight!

I couldn't help myself I had to share this wonderful photo of my big sister (above on right) and my new sister (just kidding above on left) Dwight of Atlanta House wives!  I had to add this photo of my 3rd sister Ms. Erika!!!  You girls look Fabulous:)

Now, I hate to put her on blast but, her big 50 debut is coming up this year and she still looks like she is in her 20's!!!  Not a stitch of surgery folks, just good ole' healthy eating and lot's of exercise!  I thought I'd share some photo's of her today:) 

Audrey in the 4th grade at Washington Elementary School and here she is in her Senior year in High School!

Since this isn't about me and walking in her shadows, I will not tell you how dusty and beige I felt around her my whole life (quietly I still do:) I will just leave you with this photo of us and tell you all I'm so glad we are sisters!

                                                  (me on left, audrey on right)

Celebrate someone you love today and talk about them, it feels real good!!!:)


KC Mom said...

That's awesome...she is beautiful!! How fun to have a picture with Dwight. I've always wondered if he was like he is on the show.

Ms. Wanda said...

She says he is pretty much the same, marvelous and sweet!!!

Lourie said...

Wowers! Beauty abounds your family!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not a big crier as you know but this brought me to a few tears! Thank you for all your love and this unbelievable nice note. WEll, I feel 25 but looking back at those pics is a trip! Geez... the bangs, remember! Ah wine is the secret to youth! My fav shot is of the 2 of us! Priceless!! You shine on your own. Of course you do, you're my sister! But I don't take credit? I love you always. And I will smack you down for putting my age on blast when I see. Love, Love, Love you. Your big sister who loves you more than you could ever, ever know! xoxo :)


Anonymous said...

I love you Audrey and Wanda:)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Can I hate her just a little bit?

It may be a little envy.

Unknown Mami said...

You are both gorgeous!

Spirit Filled said...


Wifey said...

Aww, Wan, you and Audrey's comment are going to make me cry.

Winks & Smiles,


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