Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stairway to Heaven!

I celebrate my husband today! Just when I think I know him I don't. He built and finished this staircase last week for a client! This staircase goes from her bedroom to her ballroom. Yes, she has a ballroom!
I was so amazed that I had to post it. I know some of you are like da, isn't he in construction doesn't he do carpentry? Well he does but mostly rehabs and remodels. He never really gets a chance to hand craft anything; mostly everything today is fabricated, modular and or pre-sifted:) Who needs a carpenter, right? When he told me he was going to build a staircase all I was thinking about was the check! He kept telling me how much he loved the Staircase job. I was thinking to myself God I hope he hurry's up and finishes this thing so we can get paid (notice I called it a thing). He was going on and on about crafting this thing and how much he loved this and that about carpentry. All I was focused on was the money and thankfully all he was focused on was the Staircase, he did a wonderful job! I celebrate him today because he is an awesome Dad, an awesome Husband, and awesome Friend to many and an awesome Carpenter!!!


The Broke Socialite said...

How beautiful!

Mr Wanda is obviously very talented. The next time I need to connect my ballroom with the rest of my estate, I will ring him up immediately. Oh, can't a girl wish?!

Do wish him a Happy Father's Day. He's also lucky to have such a sweet, beautiful wife.

anne said...

He is a talented carpenter. I believe he gave much time in doing the staircase. It was a lovely staircase.

Mocha Dad said...

Wow! That's an awesome staircase. Your husband has skills.

QueenBee said...

That is a beautiful staircase. Looks like something you would see in an awesome movie. You never know!! As for the check, girlfriend, everybody has to get paid. You shouldn't feel bad about that.

MOMSWEB said...

Oh my goodness! Girl, did you reward him for a job well done? No, I mean REALLY reward him (lol).

JackiesMagic said...

Before I could finish that 3rd sentence that said "He built and finished this staircase last week for a client! This staircase goes from her bedroom to her ballroom."
I was inspired!

I think we all have a craft - or something to build/create with our hands and heart and soul.. deep inside us.

I love how you were able to juxtapose money/artistry... to see the real deal!



I Celebrate Your Hubby, too!

Yan Tan said...

hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting...we love it : )



Christian Mommy Writer said...

It's beautiful! How cool to have a husband with talent like that.

Iva said...

so beautiful!!!


Moms Fighting Fat said...

Absolutely stunning! You're very fortunate to be married to a man who can accomplish such beautiful works of functional "art"--that's what the staircase is to me anyway.

So, when is he going to build you one? :-)

~ Sandy

Mama Kat said...


I SOOO need a stairway to get to my ball room!! That's exactly what I was just thinking about before I bopped over here. ;)

Wifey said...

It's beautiful! I'm so impressed. Can you ask him to come to my house next...

Winks & Smiles,

Kristin said...

Ummmmmmm, just one word..WOW!

Anonymous said...

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