Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good ol' fashion beat down:)

Where is the book on parenting? I don't mean that fluffy stuff. I'm talking about good old fashion, old school stuff? That BMC I created this month has fallen through the cracks:( My son seems to have stopped caring about his choices. So, I think it's time to make good on that contract, hold up maybe I need to read it again. If I don't do what's on it than shame on me and my husband.
I asked some moms I know what did they think and the general consensus was give him a good old fashion beat down!
Our children have such a small window of becoming who they are going to ultimately be and mine right now is going in the wrong direction. Ok, I just got an e-mail from his teacher and she said he is doing better but she has to move him!!!! Ughhhhh, what happened to the day when you could go up to your kids school, slap some sense in to them (which by the way was shocking not to mention embarrassing and you never did whatever you got slapped for again) and that was it situation resolved. I think it all when down hill when they took prayer out of our schools.


MOMSWEB said...

I don't beat or hurt my child, but I sure put the fear of Mama and God in him. Every now and then, I have to jack him up against a wall and threaten him with a close up look at dry wall. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

They are sweet children, but the teenage transition is like being possessed. Talking and praying with him about his emotions is a must. Sometimes we talk AT our children when we should be talking TO them. Love really does conquer all, but the jack up method gets their attention (LOL).

Wifey said...

I like the Fear of Mom and God! They definitely need to be scared - of Daddy, too! Glad to hear he got a good report today - for both of you guys! :)

Ms. Wanda said...

Wow, Thanks MomsWeb and Wifey, I'm still new at blogging but what a great way to talk and help each other:)
Well I found out today that Jordeyn has an alter persona and his name is Mike? That's what he and his teacher have decided to call this other kid he becomes. He said Mike is gone and now he just Jordeyn, we also went back over the BMC an took everything away from him, hmmm we'll see.


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