Friday, January 30, 2009

Raising a Pre Tween

First, it use to be you were a Teen at 13, then came the term Tween which is like 11/12, and now I just came up with Pre-Tween which really, is like anywhere between 5 & 10!!!!! My First born Jordeyn turned into a bonified wanna be Thug for the past 2 days! I was floored at his transformation. It's such a subtle thing to watch your children change. The signs are present we just can't see them. Like one minute they are born and then all of sudden they're walking. You don't remember when this or that happened it just happens; it's subtle. Jordeyn my baby went from being a leader to an ahole (trust me I said that in love) in less then 48 hours and I didn't see it coming.
I have been reevaluating his behavior in my mind since yesterday. I'm trying to figure out what changed. Well this is what I came up with: hangin out in da hood with his boys, wachin some crazy MTV and BET reality shows (which by the way I stopped everything I was doing to watch them too), wrestling and boxing (saw the Suga Shane fight) all within the past week. Oh, yeah he hung out at the neighborhood Boys & Girls Club. Which used to be a wonderful place until the Director left, now it's just an institution filled with bad language and very unenthusiastic state employees. Needless to say that's over he will not go there another day!
Well, there it is, time to redirect. I came up with the "Behavior Modification Contract" (don't ask I just made that up and it worked). The BMC was very affective. Basically it's a Contract that he and I drafted. He came up with all that he had done wrong and I came up with the punishment if he breaks the rules. I posted it just so you can view it. Feel free to use this contract for your child:)


Wifey said...

I love it and will be using the BMC! :)

MOMSWEB said...

This is great and I feel ya! I have two sons ages ten and thirteen and it's NO JOKE!

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