Monday, October 18, 2010

Men can't scream!

One day our children will grow up right?  We want them to be self sufficient right?  We want our boys to man up and not scream when mommy screams every time she sees a bug, lizard, frog, or a dead thing out back in the yard right?  Well, I have come to realize that since I have know control over my emotional outbursts and I'm passing my screaming behavior onto my boys, I gotta stop it for the sake of their manhood!!!
Girls don't want a man screaming when they are screaming, right?

Recently my daughter discovered a dead squirrel in the yard and my first reaction was to scream:)  However, since Dad is on the road I decided to let my boys man up and shovel that squirrel into the woods way out back in the yard. Well, first of all this took time because there was some crustaceous looking beast bug (see photo on right) walking by the patio door which kept Cameron, my 10 year old, from even thinking about stepping outside and you know me I had the willies looking at that thing,  I was trying to mommy up and not scream!.  Once both boys were finally outside my oldest Jordeyn with this gigantic snow shovel starts regurgitating at the idea of picking up the squirrel and now both boys, won't even get close!

Then my, oh I got this "Get Christy Love" type 10 year old daughter Sydney (Cameron's twin) steps outside, takes that shovel from her brother and scoops that squirrel right on up and precedes to throw him out.  Then my, just like a man all late, 12 year son Jordeyn steps in snatches the shovel away and decides he is man enough now to throw him out and heaves that soft silver squirrel across the yard over the brush, right into my neighbors yard, YIKES MEN!!! 

What's the moral of this story?  There maybe several.   Hmmmm, don't underestimate the power of girls! Oh yeah and try to stop screaming in front of your boys every time you see a critter:)


Eva Gallant said...

That's one nasty looking bug!

GunDiva said...

Your daughter's learning young, that when you want something done, you just have to do it yourself.

Unknown Mami said...

Your daughter is a rock star!

M.Jay. said...

Ha ha ha, I had to laugh when I read this because I seem to be turning my 4 year old into such a girl. We had a frog incedent and man was he not manning up. I guess this is an early sign of your girl taking on the world, I mean if Men are going to be such babies, we will have to have strong women like her around :) The saying is true "men are the head and women are the neck" They dont move till we take the first step.

QueenBee said...

See, I don't do lizards and all that stuff and I do ask hubby to come and get that stuff but see, our boys are human too. That doesn't make them less of a man because they are afraid of it too, that just means they want their wives to be stronger than they are. hehehehe

Spirit Filled said...

LOL!!! This sounds my my children. My son was the chicken, but my daughter would "kill it!!!" They are still the as grown adults! My son is NOT HAVING IT!

btw...I am now thankful I never screamed! I would have a "screamer" on my hands : )

Take care.

MOMSWEB said...

LOL! Unfortunately, I didn't pass the scream to my sons, but I passed the jump up to the sky and run to them. The oldest has gotten A LOT better, thank God, but Secondborn still runs.


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