Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Diet and the Counselor

Normally when I do Mama's Losin' It's Thursday's writer workshop I choose one topic but, this week I picked my favorite 2!

1.  Describe the worst diet you put yourself on.

  • Atkins by far the worst diet for me ever.  I lost like 21lbs in less than 4 weeks eating a ton of fat and no carbs and as soon as I tried to implement the phase when you add a slice of bread, I ate the whole damn loaf like a junky for weeks!  I doubled the pounds that I lost at the end of that diet!

2. But teachers know everything!! Write about a time a teacher disappointed you.
  • When I was in the 12th grade I had a guidance counselor who I'll call Mr. C and Mr. C was a short chubby little guido kind of guy, like a Joe Pesci if you will and he walked around the school in shinny Sharkskin suits.  Now I was young, you know high school young with (I guess) a decent body because one day walking down the hall, Mr C yells out, "Hey yah Wanda you know what you's should do after you graduate?"  As he looked up into my eye's, I patiently waited for some really good advice he says, "You's should go down to Atlantic City and become a Playboy Bunny, you's could make a lot a money!"  
I think I'm going to just leave it there for this week:)

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Eva Gallant said...

Wow! Today that would be considered sexual harrassment!

Unknown Mami said...

Mr C.! Obviously the C does not stand for classy.

MOMSWEB said...

You just proved AGAIN that words are powerful and stick in the minds of our children.

Kristin said...

That goodness that Atkins craze if over. Such a scary diet!


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