Saturday, May 30, 2009

He hugged me too much!

I just had to write this story:) My son is playing on the Allstar team and we are responsible for getting sponsors. Now, this is tough. Nobody wants to part with any cash that they really don't have right? Well, sales was my background along time ago so, I don't mind asking (begging) for sponsorship. On Friday I decided to get all dolled up, I tell Jordeyn to put his uniform on and we go out with our sponsor forms ready to hustle!
Our first stop, my favorite Mexican Restaurant, also, I know the manager Norman, he used to work part time at my childrens school. We walk in, my hair is all out, my face is painted, I'm wearing a beautiful blouse with a very subtle but, tasteful plunge to my neckline and we ask for Norman. Mind you Norman has only ever seen me at school and I usually got my mommy disheveled look going on! Well, he walks over looks me up and down and says, "Wow, you look great, then he hugs me!" OK, so I didn't even know we were on hugging terms but, I go along with the slight molestation because I've got to get a D___n Sponsor!!! So, I go into my pitch and he is talking about baseball to me and Jordeyn and then out of nowhere he hugs me again and says, "You look so good, WOW!" Again, I smile and I steer him back to baseball sponsorship. Excitedly he says, "Usually each year we do one team out of 10, however since I know you I'm going to push this with the owner!" So, I said, "That's wonderful please do!" Then he grabs me again and gives me a goodbye hug! I'm like, yikes I think this guy is feeling me up, these were not church hugs, it was chest pressing upon chest!!!! Then on top of everything else he gives me a kiss on my cheek!
As, Jordeyn and I happily leave the restaurant, my 11 year old son says, "Mom I think Mr. Norman likes you a lot, because he hugged you like 3 times and kissed you!" I tried to down play it a little, I think I said something like, "Oh, he was just happy to see us babe." Jordeyn wasn't buying that as I caught his little eyebrow raise. I'm sure he was thinking about calling DAD!

How about you guys, what do you do when some one hugs you too much?


Wendy said...

Ew, yucky.

I knew this old guy who loved hugging the ladies and he'd do this thing where he'd put his arm around you from the side and pull you to him kind of in a sideways hug but he'd put his hand REEEEEAAALY HIGH UP practically in your armpit and then squeeze you to him really tight. If you think about the logisitics of that you'll get it.

I got pretty good at positioning myself when I saw him coming so I'd get groped less than the other unsuspecting ladies.

Well, in Mr. Norman's case I'd probably try to work my husband into the conversation as a gentle reminder. Something like "You love this outfit? I do to. Red is my husband's favorite color." Or... "My husband bought it for me for my birthday." Or... "I know you see me slouchy all the time, but my husband's taking me out tonight so I gotta gussy up!" Just any little thing to work the hubby in there.

I can't believe he was doing all that when you're boy was there! Pshaw!

Ms. Wanda said...

Thanks Wendy for the advice, I know about that armpit thing, too, ugh!! Yeah, you know I'm always trying to be so nice to folks and I really want that sponsorship! I hope I didn't compromise myself too much, yikes!

Mama Kat said...

That's too funny that even your son noticed. Who DOES that!?! I don't even hug my own mother that many time...even if it's been a LONG time since I've seen her.


But I guess you know where to go next time you need your ego stroked!! Maybe not so bad after all. ;)

QueenBee said...

Good question. I've actually had to tell those folks who brush up a little too close to me is that I'm married and they need to back up off a sista. Some of them look at me like, "So???" Then I had to take it to another level....Don't make me hit you in the head with one of Satan's horns!!! Somehow that worked but I sure as heck don't know how.

MOMSWEB said...

I don't know Wanda, you might need to ask the blouse which allowed the subtle, but tasteful plunge to your neckline! Norman may have been listening to your two pun intended. They talk, you know! LOLOLOLOLOL

Shawna said...

Gross that is the WORST. I would not have put up with it, sponsorship be damned!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

How creepy! Totally out of line! And in front of you son too, who does he think he is? But you know he did what every other man just thinks about doing when they see you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've got to, did you get your sponsorship?
(Signed...your phone mom)

Ms. Wanda said...

Momsweb you crack me up!!! Oh and Anonymous I didn't get the sponsorship yet but, so maybe my baseballs were just too small? Thank you Grand Pooba for the compliment:)

Wifey said...

Jordeyn wins for that! And Norman sucks for that.

Love the baseball card!

Winks & Smiles,

MOMSWEB said...

Wanda, I need your email address. Will you please email me at

Circular Logic said...

Wow, that's creepy! I love hugs, but I also respect personal space. I wonder what's going on in someone's head when they're uber-huggy like that.

Mommy of Many said...

Great Job on getting the sponsorship. I am laughing because we always send my sister who is very "hippy" to get the sponsorships....somebody has to be willing to take some for the team. I would never get sponsorship, I could not have handled all that touching and hugging, ugh!

Ginee Scabrough said...

After you get the money, I would go to dinner with the hubby there and be all over him ( the hubby not Norman) good luck with that!


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