Thursday, April 30, 2009

Liberation on the Pole!

Ok, here it is my pole story from the other day! Well, remember I briefly talked about it on my Twins Crashed post? Millian and I were in the middle of me enacting (or trying to) this class I took at PoleLaTeaz. Now, before I go there let me back way up and explain some things.

This is who he was (see left) and this is who I was (see right) and we were very much into ourselves and our bodies. Many life lessons have been learned and many years later we have found ourselves either to fat (that would be me) or to skinny (that would be him) and tired all the time. I have always been extremely voyeuristic, I am an exhibitionist by trade and I realized the other day at class that I still am:) I am visually stimulated by the things I see whether it's a garden of flowers or a girl dancing on a pole it's artistry and I love it!! Millian is equally as voyeuristic and he loves to watch me, even now that I'm chubbier he still loves to watch me and I have covered up and rejected his staring for the last 12 years. Until I took that liberating class!

He introduced me to my body a long time ago through bodybuilding, you know, 6 meals a day, egg whites, and oatmeal!!! He showed me another way to love and express the body I had with rest, eating healthy and no more partying. Now, as a struggling artist (that just lost her 4th record deal), I had to survive out in the real world, so I took on hush, hush jobs. I actually loved my body and I loved music, so stick a pole in there and you've got a part time dancer:) The music industry has a way of drugging you into a life that yields a lot of dead end promises. Reality sets in when you're a women who is to old to compete with younger girls and better voices. Rather than face reality and get a regular job like the rest of the world, you stay in constant pursuit of a dream. You hang on behind the scenes and you try your hand desperately at writing and production. However, you still have no money and you have got to pay the rent. (This is about my liberation so I'll move on:)

When my best friend (I hope she knows she is) invited me to take a pole class, I was like oh jeez, I don't want to do that but, for the sake of my girl I did it and I was Liberated!!! It's funny how you can prejudge anything with the word pole in it but, as we were driving through Buckhead, fabulous neighborhoods, quite side streets and very nice buildings tucked away discretely; I already felt like I was going to dangerously have some fun! We walk into this lobby or vestibule of sorts with stiletto's and little tiny pink tanks for sale. Beautifully framed portraits of women decorated the walls. My girlfriend invited her friends and we Blogrollers all mingled in the lobby. There was an excitement in the air for those of us who've never been in this type of situation:)

Our instructor comes out, tiny with little tiny shorts on, her a_ _ is like peaking out of her shorts and she seems very comfortable walking around dressed like this. Mind you her body is tight, no blemishes, no cottage cheese, nothing!!! We follow her into one of the many studio's and OMG! The door opens into a dimly lit room with six endlessly long golden poles 3 in the front and 3 in the back. Tall mirrors ran along the entire back wall and there I was facing myself full throttle next to a pole. She introduces herself as Angela she is a well educated, business owner who obviously had a very smart business plan! She explains to us that PoleLaTeaz is only 3 years old and she has already tripled her volume of clients. (Clearly I need to get out of Construction).

The first thing she does is demonstrate how to work the pole. Let me tell you she transformed herself instantly into a Dancer!!! She puts on a pair of 6" stilettos, hair is cascading down her back, she dims the lights down low and the room fills with this dark exotic music, my mouth dropped. Strangely I was thinking, I wish Millian could see this it was so visual! That's just me, anyhew, I was thinking oh God I don't want to do this, I'm going to look crazy. Angela had a way of taking her time with her instruction. I think all of us in that room no matter what size or proportion felt fabulous after awhile! I started thinking while I was looking at myself, "wow I actually look kinda hot doing this!" Maybe, Millian would like to see me apply these moves for him at home:)

That's when I got the idea to try it while the kids were playing outside, Angela taught us how to work our bodies even without a pole at home. Since I'd been freed from my own fat inhibitions I decided to give it a whirl. It was going really good until Cameron started screaming about his teeth. However, because I was on a mission with my husband, I cleaned ole' Cameron up and sent him back outside and I continued showing Millian my lesson:)

I didn't mean to write so much but, I felt so good about myself for the first time in 12 years. I made my husband happy and I made myself feel good. Here we are now (see picture below) happy and hoping Santa brings me a portable Pole this Christmas:)


Wifey said...

Aww, love the picture! You guys are still lookin' good - smiles! I'm so glad that the class had such a positive effect on you - and Millian. Tell him he's welcome and I accept gift cards - LOL!

Winks & Smiles,

MOMSWEB said...

STANDING OVATION. Clap, clap, clap!!!!! I loooooved this post! I felt liberated just reading it. Have a great weekend, and work that body, girl!

javan`s world of thoughts!! said...

Hi MS Wanda i am Javan,MOMSWEB'S son. I really like reading the things you write. I also love love LOVE music!!

Ms. Wanda said...

Thank you Wifey and Momsweb!! Hey Javan's world of thoughts how are you? Thank you for your comment:) I still love music too!

JackiesMagic said...

Thanks for stopping by JackiesMagic. Inviting me to envy you! Makes me wanna re-think offering pole dancing parties.. For fun and profit! I'm a new friend!

You are fabulous!

QueenBee said...

Very Interesting.

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

FANTASTIC!!!! So glad you found your groove, and shared it with your man. (And on a sidenote, both of you STILL got it goin' on!)

Charles! said...

From one voyeur/exhibitionist to another....all I can say is DO YOU! Oh, and you look just as great now as you did in that pic! Have fun and remember that your self image and how you see yourself sexually are all in the mind!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

It was great meeting you at the class and clearly you enjoyed yourself. Glad that you were able to share that joy at home !

Steph Jordan said...

I agree with MOMSWEB. Standing ovation!! :-) Happy New Year!


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