Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who the Hell Cares?

You no really who the hell cares? I say this to myself often because I don't think anyone does. So rather than bore my friends with idle conversations, I like writing here. Inside this small white tissue box of a window I am aloud to speak my thoughts and no one has to care. I was at a meeting tonight at school and I think one of the kids parents was flirting with me. It's been so long since that has happened, the last time it was this really obese bus attendant.
This parent is hot and he walked up behind me on my right, soft warm breath whispering in my ear, he says, in an amazingly low tone "why aren't you smiling?" Well, damn whoa, I was like oh sh____t quickly masking my sense of startledness as I leaned a little to the right because he was to close I said, "Don't you know your not suppose to come up behind a woman like that?" and he says, still speaking behind me, you saw me in your peripheral vision, I no you did. That was a smooth line. I was trying to down play the gigantic spark he sent off inside my mind (not my body) a spark that ain't been sparked in like let me just say along time, ok? I made small talk fast and switched to talking about our children. I tried hard to not look at him in any kinda way after all I am married, happily? Right? Ok, so who the hell cares right? I can write about this here and get the feeling off my chest. I love this little box, don't you? :)


Wifey said...

Yes. I LOVE the little box, too. And, yes. I care. Smiles.

Ms. Wanda said...

Thanks for caring:) Thanks for the note too!


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