Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Blues

Well, I hope I don't sound depressed, I don't mean to sound depressed but, damn I got Monday Blues:( I had a great day yesterday, family was in town, my husband and I had Sunday School at home with the kids as well as our selves; it was great! What happened? 12 hours later I feel kinda crapy, you know? I lost another pound and I no I should be happy but I'm not. I'm feeling that sucky deep dark black hole feeling of Monday madness pulling me ever so quickly down. There are things I want to do but, I'm stuck, other things keep me from being creative. You know life stuff, taxes, bills, kids, taxes, bills, kids, oh did I say that twice?
I'm tired aren't you? I love life, but I am missing it.
A girl had a T-shirt on today at my Gym that said, "Uppity Negro" I was like wow that's rude. But, then I realized maybe that's a message for me to stop being an Uppity Negro which I believe I am and go on an apply for some damn Medicaid so that my kids can get some friggn' health insurance and free lunch cause my ass is unemployed!!!!:)

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