Monday, January 12, 2009

When did I become a teacher?

Monday, and I'm not excited at all, sorry. The weekend was really long or maybe it was just uninteresting, I don't know..... My 8 year old is reading to me for 20minutes right now and OMG this is some tuff sh___t, I'm trying not to fall asleep. I'm sorry to all you mom's for speaking the truth and yes I do consider myself and all around marathon mom but, now I have to be an all night tutor. I want a giant cup of Joe and I can't have that or else I will be staring at the ceiling all night hearing my babies voice reading that boring a_s book!
Teaching is an incredible, humbling responsibility and in order to get the best education you pretty much have to pay for it and you better have a least 20,000 to spend a year per kid. Public school teachers don't make enough now and the goverment wants to add 2 kids more to each classroom which by the way is already maxed with a 26 to 1 ratio!!! So, I became a teacher for my kids at night because I can not afford a tutor. This is what we have to do All or Northing for our children!

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