Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cancer is Creepy!

My mother had and died from Ovarian Cancer on January 9, 2001 at the age of 67. She was my best friend and I wish so much that I could talk to her now. Cancer is a very creepy thing and you have no reason to deal with it until someone you love gets it. It's like this plague in your body that basically eats up your insides until you die. More than the Cancer is all the bull crap you have to deal with, doctors, hospitals, family, etc., The only real entity that helps you is Hospice. They let you no up front this is it and this person is going to die. Here is a shit full of medication (everything is in it for pain except Heroin) give it out as needed? Every now and then I dipped into that damn bag and popped a pill!!! Coping with the reality of Cancer is enormously hard and on top of that I had to take care of my 4month old twins, my two year old toddler, my 80 year old step dad who had his own set of ailments (prostate cancer was one) and my parents 4 story home that was rodent infested. I dragged my Husband and family all the way from our home in VA to take care of them because no one else in my immediate family wanted the job full time.
Cancer not only creeps inside the body, it creeps inside families lives and murders relationships.
As we grow up in life and move into our own lives somewhere somebody missed teaching us how to deal with death. How to take care of an elderly parent or even worse how to remain a family in the aftermath of this devastating disease.
Please share your story:)


Wifey said...

Your mom was beautiful. What a great photo. I wish I would've gotten to meet her - smiles.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that with your mom, though I'm sure she appreciated your sacrifice.

My dad died within five days of being diagnosed with cancer (very long story), and my FIL died suddenly of a massive heart attack. As bad as it was, we all felt blessed to not have had to drag on (for our sakes, as well as for theirs). I hope that doesn't make me sound cold-hearted. Something tells me you'll understand :)


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