Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Yesterday, My sister was born on November 20th 196_
Today, I celebrate her birthday
Tomorrow, I will hopefully be buying her depends:)

She does not want to publicly tell her age, but, she doesn't blog soooooo:)  Being the little sister I am I'm gonna tell it sort of.  To be alive today at any age is a miracle in it self right? I'm going to do a little trivia about the year she was born and you should figure it out but, don't tell if you know the answer and I won't list trivia you could easily answer off the top of your head:) 

Here are some of the events of her birth year:
  • Aluminum cans used for the first time
  • Automatic telephone answering machine
  • First Teflon non-sticking cookware goes on sale at Macy's in New York
Ok for those of you that are stumped:
  • Ben Hur won for best movie
  • The Flinstones debut
  • Dominoes pizza was born
I'm so proud of her and still look up to her til this day!  Rather than write a story I thought I'd post pictures of her on her Birthday!  She is smart, funny, loving, caring, emotional, passionate about her beliefs and crazy if you rub her wrong!!! I'm so Thankful that I can celebrate your life today, I Love You Always.......

Personal shopper for Macy's she is on the right!

She worked fulltime and found time for a little modeling on the side:)

199_  Bachelorette in Ebony Magazine!

Still Fabulous at any Age!!!!


Eva Gallant said...

She's beautiful and that was a lovely tribute to her. I have no idea what year she was born, however. I'm just dumb that way.

QueenBee said...

She is really beautiful and should be proud of her age and be thankful that the Lord blessed her those many years. Ahhh, shucks. Tell it, I got your back.

Unknown Mami said...

Her beauty is ageless.

MOMSWEB said...

She doesn't want to share her age looking like that? PLUUUUEASE!

Anonymous said...


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