Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do you kiss your Spouse?

I usually don't post about these things and as I was writing I thought this should be handled by a better blogger like Momsweb:) who masterfully makes you reflect on family, marriage and spirituality!

That's my disclaimer:) It has come to my attention that not everyone kisses their spouse goodbye when they leave for the day on their perspective journeys. My husband told me today that his friend James notices that every time he comes to pick my hubby up for work, we kiss and hug at the door. Hmmm, I don't think I have ever paid any attention to it cause that's what we do and we've been doin' it for almost 13 years now. I must admit there are times when I don't want to kiss hubby or look at hubby and actually like to slap hubby in the face before he departs, because I am mad at hubby about something he did or said but, he doesn't care if I'm mad or he's mad at me, he will always kiss me goodbye (yes he is better at that then I am).

MomPearl my mother's Godmother (see photo on left) told me along time ago, well actually she yelled at me one day when I attempted to leave the house mad, I didn't kiss my mother or say goodbye and she scolded me bad. She said, "Wanda you come back in here right now and you kiss your mother, because you might leave here and never see her again!" I was frightened by those words, old folks back in the day had a way of scaring the crap out of you, they always gave you worse case scenario and you believed it!!!

Hubby and I are close in age so we are of the same generation and we both no my mother's Godmother's choice of words and we adhere to them to this day with each other and our children.

I kiss and hug these folks every day even when I'm mad at them, I still love them and I always want to see them again:)

How about you do you kiss your spouse and your kids when they leave for the day, or do you just holler out see ya, or do you just leave with out a word?

8 comments: "Cottage By The Sea" said...

Actually my husband always kisses me first. Sometimes I think, "why the heck would he want to kiss me when I've recently been a major pain in the a...
But he always does, and you know it has grown on me in the past 25 years. Good idea (the guilt and all) and sweet gesture. Happy Sits Saturday and Happy New Year!

Angelia said...

I am from the same generation. This was a requirement. I kiss and hug EVERY time. Great post! Stopping by from SITS! :-)

Eva Gallant said...

We're a very kissy family!

MOMSWEB said...

We're not a kissy family at all, but hubby always kisses me goodbye (he's also better at this than I). I pray with the boys every morning, but you've reminded me that some physical touch is definitely in order. Can I start with a hug?

GunDiva said...

I always kiss my hubby goodbye and get severely po'd when he leaves the house without giving me a goodbye kiss. He's learning, though, and only lapses ocassionally no. Can't give him too much grief, as we've only been married six months :)

My kids - teenagers - aren't so big on the kids and hug goodbye thing, but I'm still able to sneak one in sometimes. I never forget to tell them I love them when they or I leave the house. If they manage to sneak out without an ILY, I text it to them. Even if just moments before we've been screaming at each other.

Peterson Family said...

We do the same thing at our house. No one leaves without a hug or a kiss, even if we are mad at each other! Since my kids don't want their hugs or kisses in front of their friends at school, we do that before we leave the house! And if I have to leave before they are up for school, I kiss them anyway.

Wifey said...

We always kiss goodbye and goodnight. Love it. Oh, and love the park bench picture!

Winks & Smiles,

joanofalltrades said...

We kiss when we leave and when we come home. I realize that not everyone does this. I hope we continue this practice forever. We've been married for almost 4 years. If you can do it for 13, so can we! :)


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