Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do you have a Permit?

Who has the Permit?

Ok, so I said that we had a sewage problem right? Well you know how it goes you call 3 company’s you get estimates from each and you pick somebody to do the job. Well, we did and everything seemed in order (see photo on right). Until the Cobb/Douglas county code enforcement rolled up in my driveway 5 people deep (see photo below)! They went straight into the yard and told the septic guys to basically cease and dismiss if they didn’t have a permit. Well my guys were (don’t mean to offend) two good ole’ boys that looked like the group ZZ top, beards and all, they have been in the Septic business for 40 years. They weren’t going to let some dang ole’ citified boys come in and tell them what to do! Here’s what happened:

My guys: What can we do you for?

Enforcers: What ya’ll doin?

My guys: Why?

Enforcers: We gotta call says ya’ll was diggin in this here yard and you can’t dig in the ground without a permit?

My guys (says smoothly): Well sir I whatin diggin I was Landscapin! (mind you he is sittin in a tractor)

Enforcer (blinks confused): What? Sir was you messin with that septic system? What’s the name of your compny? (not a misspell)

My guys: Well why don’t ya’ll call this number here. Talk to the owner (now the owner Joel is ZZ tops son)

Enforcers: What is the name of yo compny sir?

My guys: What?

Enforcers (irritated): What is the name of your compny?

My guys: Huh?

Enforcers (frustrated): Who do you work for?

My guys: Ain’t no name, we ain’t fixin to tell you, ain’t no name on my truck neither. What ya’ll need to do iscall this here number.

They finally do and they get into it on the phone with Joel (the owner) about pulling permits. Then the enforcers incredibly try to give my guys a ticket:

My guys: Nah we ain’t signin nothin!

Enforcers: It’s just sayin you receiving it, you ain’t sayins you guilty.

My guys: Anytime you sign sumthin you guilty.

Enforcer: What?

People this went on forever!!! For me it was live reality T.V. I was thoroughly entertained! They went on about that ticket for another half hour, I popped a bag of popcorn and watched:)


Eva Gallant said...

OMG! Did you ever get your septic tank fixed?

Unknown Mami said...

Wow! Hope it all results in you getting your tank fixed.

MOMSWEB said...

Girl, stop with the deep south accents. Are you serious? I'm from Alabama and you had me scared! LOL! Surely, you have a part II.

Jessica said...

Girl, I could totally see that happening. I am in TX and they are just as hill billy as you can get here. LMAO

Christian Mommy Writer said...

Hilarious! So what happened next? Don't leave us hanging!

joanofalltrades said...

OMG! The dialogue and accents alone would have been enough for me. Hope it all worked out in the end. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...
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