Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 point recap!

Yes, it's been a while let's see if I can catch you all up:)

1. We moved into our new digs on Novemeber 15th (see photo on right)
2. We put the kids in their new schools on the 16th
3. Found out that the PTA at my twins school has 4 levels of membership, ok WOW!
4. November 23rd I went to Grady's see that post here
5. Stayed home for Thanksgiving and cooked till I past out:)
6. Nov 30th pulled out my sewing machine (haven't sewed in like 20years!) and felt renewed at the Dance Factory:)
7. Dec 2nd hubby and I woke up to a foul stench in the air, sewage was overflowing in the yard!
8. Dec 3rd Septic man (see photo on right) came and pumped out the stench, however the drain fields are a goner!
9. Fell in love with Showtimes "Dexter", needed to take my mind off the sewage:)
10. Dec 9th sewage is back, basement is flooded and I might be retaping boxes:)

As life continues to stretch along and each day rotates into another one I will shelf stuff that drives me bonkers and live inside the stuff that brings me complete joy!

How about you whats your recap?


Eva Gallant said...

Damn! Hope you get that sewer problem resolved!! That is no fun, I'm sure.
Levels of membership in the PTA?? Never heard of such a thing!

joanofalltrades said...

Congrats on the new home! Hope everything gets better with the sewage and flooding. Way to stay positive in the midst of stuff. Happy holidays!

Unknown Mami said...

Sorry about the sewer, but I love your attitude.


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