Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I lost the Car!

I know I’m not alone in this so I’m just going to put it out there; I lost the car in the parking lot yesterday. We are in the process of moving this week and it has been hectic. The current economy has forced us to relocate and the journey has definitely been divinely directed (I’ll blog about that one day)! In the midst of this move last week my niece Dr. E. Carter (I like saying that) moved here from Virginia. She wants to start her life here in Georgia and we want to do all that we can to help guide her. I’ve been using her car because Hubby still has Betty (that’s my car’s name) and last night I had to get groceries and medicine in her car, in the rain!

When I pulled into Wal-mart I was so excited that I got a space close to the entrance because, it was raining really bad. Now, my niece has a 2005 black Sentra with Virginia plates, so I should have been able to spot it when I came out, right? Coming out of Wal-mart I must have had some sort of brain disintegration because that car was gone. Panic trickles across my limbs and fear starts rear its ugly head. I start racing through the isles with my umbrella hovering over me and my stuff in the cart. I am endlessly circling the parking lot in the dark, in the rain, hunting for that little black car and every car in the lot looked like a black Sentra with Georgia plates!!! My mind begins to trick me into thinking that maybe it was stolen, maybe I parked on the other side, maybe it was towed, and as I raced around the lot like a dog chasing her tail (that's me on left) I began to cry!!! I called Hubby and said, “Babe I can’t find Eby’s car, OMG!!!” He tries to silence his laughter but, I heard it, got angry and hung up!

All of a sudden there it was like a gleaming black beacon in the parking lot, there she was sitting 3rd car from the front waiting for me to find her! I past that car at least 5 times in the rain and just didn’t see it.

What’s the moral of this story? I know those markers high on the poles are there to help you know where your car is parked but, man I thought they were there for old people. Well guess what I found out last night I’m an old person I’m getting older?

Has this happen to any of you? Have your lost you’re Car and what did you do?


ShellSpann said...

I lose my car on a regular basis. And if it weren't for my six year old daughter, I'd probably never be able to find it. She ALWAYS remembers where we park. It's lovely!

Eva Gallant said...

I'm more likely to lose my keys than my car! lol

JackiesMagic said...

TRUST ME. It's walmart. Not YOU! That place will make you lose you mind! Let alone your car. I can go into wally-world and be in there 2 minutes and come out not knowing where Smitty is for 15 minutes.. Smitty's the name my teen gave our car.

When I read your post subject from my blogger dashboard, I was scared. "I LOST THE CAR!" I thought.. Ok, Lord.. I'm next, I know.. I was thinking.. that since the repo man IS on the prowl these days.. Lemme hear how she's handling it! You shoulda seen me in Chili's with a friend last night. I thought I would walk out and my car would be gone. Repo guys are slick like that..

AND! I woulda hung up on Hubby, too! LOL!

But don't scare me like that any more!


Anonymous said...

This usually happens to David, not me…when it does happen to me, I just find the car with the best looking guy in it and get in like I belong there!

T. Hansen

Sheryl said...

My husband and I ran in to JC Pennys to pick something up. We came in the door and went right up the escalators. After completing our purchase we went down the escalators and right out the door.

I asked my husband where the van was, he pointed and said over there. I started walking and looking at the silver van. Something wasn't right, I looked at my husband and said that's not our van. As a matter of fact none of this look familiar. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

After what seemed for hours but was only a few minutes I realized we came out the wrong side of the store. I was just sure candid camera was going to pop out.

We went back into the store and through the department and out the door we came through to begin with. Awhhhh there was my van.

Karen said...

I lost my car in a mall parking garage a few years ago. It was late at night. I'd gone to a movie with some friends and when we went back to the car, it wasn't where we remembered parking it. We circled the garage for over an hour before we desperately called another friend to pick us up and drive around to find it. She picked us up at the garage entrance and we drove straight to the spot where the car was parked. We'd been circling the garage, but kept missing this one aisle.

Thank you so much for stopping by last week on my SITS day!

MOMSWEB said...

Because I'm FULLY aware that this happens to me, I let the boys lead the way and this makes me look like I know where I'm going. LOL! I would have never called my hubby - NEVER! He would have asked, "Where did you park it?" This would have been cause for a hang up also. LOL!

joanofalltrades said...

I lose my car so much that I have to write stuff down, count my steps, and do all types of ridiculous antics just to remember where I parked. I swear I'm too young to have a memory this bad.

Unknown Mami said...

Of course that has never happened to me. Never. I really resent the suggestion. Sometimes I just like to go for a constitutional in the parking lot; it's not because I don't know where my car is silly.

QueenBee said...

I lost the car a few years ago. I'm still looking for it to this day.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh man, whenever I hear of someone forgetting where they parked I can't help but replay that infamous Seinfield episode in my head! I'm laughing at it right now!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh, and it happens to me ALL the time!


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