Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kid on top Minivan!

Alabama teen found riding on box atop van; mother charged

Albertville, Ala -- An Alabama woman has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after police say she let her daughter ride in a box on top of their van.

Albertville Police spokesman Sgt. Jamie Smith said 37-year old Jackie Denise Knott was arrested Sunday after police received a call of a minivan traveling on U.S. 431 with a large cardboard box on top with a child inside.

Smith said the woman told police the box was too big to go inside the van, and that her daughter was inside the box to hold it down.

Smith said Knott told officers it was safe because she had the box secured to the van with a clothes hanger.

“The box was too large to get in the van, so more or less, she needed a paperweight,” said Albertville Police Officer Jamie Smith.

The Child was not hurt. She was turned over to a relative’s custody at the scene and DHR is investigating.

“For the child’s sake, more than anything, nothing turned out bad,” Smith said. “Obviously a gust of wind, an 18-wheeler passing by could have thrown the box off the top of the van. It could have turned out very bad.

By Associated Press for the AJC

So, this was the image that came to my mind see above, (Imogene Coca playing Aunt Edna dead on top the family car in the movie Family Vacation!)

I am not making light of this, well actually I am, because it is incomprehensible to me that a mother would put her child on top of her car! This article was not in the National Enquirer (not that there is anything wrong with that magazine:) where I might expect to see this; it was actually in the Atlanta Journal Constitution!!!

I'm speechless, love to hear your thoughts?


Unknown Mami said...

Crazy is as crazy does!

Tammy@InStitches said...

Don't some people just boggle your mind ? Stopped by from SITS, have a great day !

Caution Flag said...

Coming from SITS :) The child was holding the box down?! I wonder how far she had driven before she was stopped. Wow.

Mark said...


QueenBee said...

Only in America!!

Grand Pooba said...

When I heard that story on the radio I couldn't believe it! What mother in their right mind would let, no, order their child to sit ontop of the car???

MOMSWEB said...

She obviously snapped.

kanishk said...

Don't some people just boggle your mind ? Stopped by from SITS, have a great day ! Work From Home


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