Friday, May 22, 2009

No Short Stories!

Fabulous Friday? Well, on Monday I stated that I was going to do a series of short stories, well the pictures that I was going to attach to my shorts were erased by me, by mistake! Ugh!!! So, with that said, I will recap. Baseball on Saturday, Dance on Saturday, Dance all day on Sunday, School on Monday, More Georgia testing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, yikes!!! Baseball on Thursday, Baseball on Friday and tomorrow Dance practice. Oh yeah and just to let you know MY KIDS PAST THEIR CRCT TESTS THIS WEEK AND THEY ARE ALL GOING ON TO THE 4TH AND 6TH GRADES!!!

That's all I have this week, oh one more thing if you missed it previously my girls and I are on the Travel Channel this weekend:) Check us out Ask Wifey,(wifey in Madrid on left) My Inner Dialogue (Nikki D in Barcelona on right) and me, (Ms. Wanda in Toledo center with a hot cup of Joe!) on "Great Cruises: Why not the Mediterranean?" Airing at 8pm on Saturday!
Back in October we went on this fabulous journey to Europe and OMG I felt like Cinderella, only my glass slipper was a 2 week trip to the Mediterranean! The down side was I had to give the shoe back:(
It was an amazing experience and I was blessed to share it with two women I absolutely love!


QueenBee said...

You sound like an avid world traveler. Next time, take me.

JackiesMagic said...

You are absolutely right about the Med! I was stationed in Spain (Navy) for almost 3 glorious years! The Spanish Mediterranean was well... I remember when my girl friends and I were walking those beaches.. it was like a dream.. so picturesque.. like a painting, you know? That was years ago.. I pray to God that in my next life, May I please come back as a Spaniard? I'll just sell flowers on the beach and be happy! A cruise! OMG! I'm signing up for one today!

I told my daughter I'd take her to all of my favorite spots for her graduation.. You've just inspired me!

I'll try and tivo that travel channel show, too!


JackiesMagic said...

Hola! Morena!!!

Caught you and your girls on the Med cruise thanks to The Travel Channel! Butifa!!!!

Didn't you just love Spain??

I'm going on that cruise! I promise I am!!


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