Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stimulus for us all!

Ok, so this is absolutely addictive!!! I'm not sure yet how to network with others but, I'm so looking forward to figuring it out!
Being a mom of 3 which includes a set of twins. I have for the past 11 years gone up and down in weight. Prior to having kids, my boyfriend, now my husband was a bodybuilder. I'm going to post a photo soon as I figure that out:) We ate a lot of chicken and potatoes, 6 small meals, 6 times a day we were truly dedicated to our bodies. Well now we are dedicated to the TV and fried chicken:) You no we eat healthy when we can afford it. Whole Wheat, Organic, and Non Processed cost a lot. Now with the economy the way it is we may just stop and scoop up the road kill for dinner!!!

We are Contractors and Investors in the housing game and no stimulus is coming for us:( But, I just saw Larry Flint (of hustler Magazine) on the news and he wants a 1.5 billion bail out for the porn industry. However, last I checked their sales have gone up do to so many financially depressed folks. So hell, why not ask, I think we should all ask for some of that damn money, right?

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