Thursday, January 22, 2009

Really good money in Hoin'

3 weeks into the new year I'm still broke:( What the hell? Everyone is happy we have a new Pres. so am I but, he and the rest of them standing out there on the Mezzanine looked rich and happy. I understand the circumstance's as to why they were happy but, damn I cried after it was all over because I'm still sooooo F'n broke. The housing market has affected everything connected to it and we have very little income. So, guess what I'm thinking about becoming a full time Ho, you know maybe not a walking the streets Ho (cause you no I've got bunions) maybe just something simple online. Secretly in the day when no one is around I could do nasty, naughty stuff online, I'ts not like I don't know the business:)
Ladies come on we all know there is really good money in Hoin'......
Really I just need a break I didn't have enough for the Garbage man today and guess what? He left that shit right in front of my House!!! Can't blame him though. I want to get a regular job but what would I do I haven't worked for someone in like 20 years. I went to school for Fashion Design but what the hell am I suppose to do with that, sew myself a line of clothes.
Wait a minute I just had a thought, I could make money, I could make nasty HO clothes, yeah and sell it online!!!! Now I just need some damn cash (see again with the cash) if I could just afford some fabric, (swatch size would be enough) I could make little tiny g-strings for like 2.00 and sell them for like 20.00 what a great markup, right?:)
Got any suggestions feel free to let me know I'm open:)


Nicole said...

LOL! Your creativity continues to impress and amaze me Ms.Wanda! Hey - if it's the worldest oldest profession then designing Ho's clothes must have been around for a while, too! Hang in there and keep those creative juices flowing! :)

Ms. Wanda said...

Thanks Nicole, I'll try not to let life keep me from pluckin on:) luv u Ms. Wanda

Wifey said...

No, not the garbage! Too funny. I feel your pain. Creating a little lingerie business is not a bad idea. Don't sleep, girl...


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